Some Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sassy Inches

Q: What Grade Hair Are Your Sassy Inches?
A: All of Our Sassy Inches are grade 12A 100% Virgin Human Hair.

Q: Can I Dye The Sassy Inches?
A: Yes, All of Hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair Collected From One Donor.

Q: How Many Bundles of Sassy Inches Would You Recommend For A Sew In?
A: For Any Sew In Hair Style 10 – 20 Inches We Recommend 3 Bundles of Our Sassy Inches To Bring To Life A Full and Sassy Sew In.

Q: How Long Do Your Sassy Inches Last?
A: Under The Proper Love and Care Our Sassy Inches Can Last 6 Months – 2+ Years.

Q: What Is The Best Maintenance Routine You Would Recommend To Properly Care For My Sassy Inches?
A: To Properly Keep These Sassy Inches Looking Glamorous We Recommend:

1. Using a Wide Tooth Comb, Gently Comb Hair From Tips To The Roots.
2. Wash Hair With Warm Water And Moisturizing Shampoo. (Stay Away From Shampoos That Contain Sulfates.)
3. Condition Hair With Cold Water And Moisturizing Conditioner.
4. Rinse Thoroughly.
5. Always Air Dry To Ensure Hair Stays Shin And Does Not Look Brittle.
6. Before Bed, Always Wrap With A Silk Bonnet.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: Our Sassy Inches Normally Arrive in 5 – 7 Business Days. We Recommend That You Please Schedule Any Hair Appointments Accordingly As To Not Cause Personal Delays.